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90's Sweet Love - decorated cookie

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Brand: Sunday Cookers

Delicious old English recipe gingerbread cookies hand-decorated with royal icing just to taste.

"90's Sweet Love" Decorated Cookie Set – a delightful trip down memory lane with a delicious twist! This whimsical and nostalgic cookie set captures the essence of the iconic 90s era in a sweet and edible form. Each cookie is meticulously handcrafted to evoke the spirit of the 90s, featuring vibrant colors, funky patterns, and iconic symbols that will transport you back to the days

Sunday Cookers Cookie Studio
3830 Parkdale Dr., San Antonio, TX

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Flour, Sugar, Butter, Honey
Orange zest, Cinnamon powder,
Ginger powder, Royal Icing, and Love

“This food is made in a home kitchen
under the Cottage Law and is not inspected by the
Department of State Health Services or a local
health department.”

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3830 Parkdale Dr
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