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All the most amazing stories begin long before you begin to imagine what exactly this will mean in your life. Our story began with our beloved good old England, where we ended up by the will of fate, and studied and lived there for several years. Once, when we were replacing another English family, where we lived as students, we were placed with an old woman who was 82 years old. Now, looking back, I understand that I have never met a brighter person in my life. Her every day was really full of life, impressions, and good emotions. A pastor's party, a choir, tea with girlfriends, an art class at university, a dinner with a boyfriend, and a good old movie with a helping of gin and lemon - this is the average day for this amazing person. Her morning always started with hot tea with milk, only after that, she began to wake up, as she said. She had three "signature dishes" - lasagna, Christmas pudding, and gingerbread cookies. Namely, she happily shared his recipe with us, and we became incredible friends.


The story of how we started decorating and selling cookies is no less amazing, and like any unexpected endeavor, a little adventurous. A friend came to me on New Year's Eve, seeing another "creation" of New Year's cookies for the family, and asked: "Why don't you sell cookies?" - "Why?" I asked, "confectioners are now just a sea, but I never had anything to do with it." To which she answered me: "Well, firstly, not everyone is of high quality, and your cookies are very delicious. And, secondly, not everyone has a girlfriend with a ten-thousandth Instagram account! And so our confectionery activity began, the first 400 subscribers were among our friends, and another 600 were brought to me by my girlfriend's advertisement, so we "earned" the first thousand followers. The second thousand, we collected the whole next year. Now we are celebrating the third New Year, and the counter shows 4600. We rejoice at each new subscriber, and even more so the client, like children.

Scarborough, North Yorkshire, England

Each person corresponds to a certain kind of activity that makes him useful and at the same time brings him happiness.

Maurice Barres, French writer

Our philosophy

First of all, we try to make delicious cookies

Natural ingredients

We use only the highest quality products: honey, butter, spices, flour, brown sugar


We do not use food printers. Each cookie is handcrafted with love.

Premium Quality

We create not just cookies, but an unforgettable emotion for you and your loved ones

Not like everyone else!

The principles of our work are the taste of the product, its presentation, and the service cycle of our client. The most important thing for us is to stand out from the crowd, in the best sense of the word. Otherwise, it's not interesting. For us, after all, this is, first of all, a creative process, and, of course, the main income of our family. Therefore, we try to make each of our steps carefully, and deliberately, with the thought of how, say, customers from the USA would perceive it.

One of our "things" is the so-called "ginger stories", these are sets of cookies that reflect a specific person, his hobby, work, family, cute oddities, dreams, wishes, etc. For some, this is a completely meaningless set of cookies, but for the person to whom you will give it, it will be something very expensive and incredibly personal.

Anna Oliinyk

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+1 210 500 3213