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Autumn flowers cookie decorating class. Step-by-step video tutorials

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Brand: Sunday Cookers
Video class "Autumn cookie flowers. Step-by-step video tutorial".

A link to a video class is in the document (pdf file).

The videos in the Russian language with English subtitles.

What's in this step-by-step video class?

How to make cookies:

- Pumpkins
- Cones
- seaberry
- Autumn leaves
- Chestnut
- Dry flowers
- gelenium
- Knitted hearts

Also, you will receive:
- How to bake a special form of cookies
- How to mix the royal icing for cookie flowers
- Royal icing textures
- How to color cookie flowers
- How to form a bouquet with cookie flowers

The tutorial consists of 13 videos and 4 images.
1. Main Video Tutorials - 11 videos
2. Baking and Icing - Video
3. The Bouquet - Video
4. Icing proportions - Picture
5. Ingredients and Recipes - Picture
6. Tips FAQ for Gerberas and Carnations

You are always welcome to ask any questions about tutorials. 24|7 online!

Videos length: 200 minutes.

Difficulty: Easy

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