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Cookie decorating class - Caroling Snowman. Step by Step video tutorials

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Cookie decorating class - Caroling Snowman. Step by Step video tutorials in English

Embrace the holiday spirit with our delightful "Caroling Snowman" Cookie Decorating class! Join us in a fun and creative baking adventure that will bring the magic of winter and the joy of caroling right to your home.

Video links are in the PDF file. The file will be sent to you immediately after purchase.

This class consists of 4 videos and 7 images.
1. Caroling Snowman - Video
2. Holly - Video
3. Book - Video
4. Templates - Picture
5. Decorating Tips list - Picture

By purchasing this class, you get absolutely free:
- How to cut any form of cookies - Video
- How to mix the royal icing - Video
- Cookies Recipes - Picture

In our 'Snowman-Caroler' video class, you'll learn:
- Baking voluminous cookies without molds
- Proper icing consistency for coating and assembly
- Airbrush and dry/helium dye toning
- Crafting a 3D masterpiece from cookies
- Creating intricate three-color icing designs
- Mastering icing transfers
- Filling and tinting flat cookies for the 3D model
- Sketch transfer without an airbrush
- Working magic with silicone stamps
... and a host of other secrets that'll make your cookie decorating experience truly unique.

Who Should Attend:

This class is perfect for beginners and experienced bakers alike. Whether you're looking to start a new holiday tradition, bond with loved ones, or simply express your creativity through baking and cookie decorating, the "Caroling Snowman" Cookie class is a delightful choice.

You are always welcome to ask any questions about tutorials. 24|7 online!


Videos length: 90 minutes.

Difficulty: Easy

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