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NEW! Flowers of Ukraine cookie decorating class. Step-by-step video tutorial

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Video tutorials "Flowers of Ukraine cookie decorating class. Step-by-step video tutorial"


Links to video tutorials are in the PDF file. The file will be sent to you immediately after purchase.

By purchasing this course, you get absolutely free:
- How to bake cookies - Video
- How to cut any form of cookies - Video
- How to mix the royal icing - Video
- Recieps - Picture
- Illustration for cookies - Pictures
- Templates (1 to 1 scale) - Pictures

This class consists of 9 videos and 12 images.
1. Main Video Tutorials with flowers - Videos:
- Cornflowers
- Poppies
- Wheat spikes
- Marigolds
- Yellow Rudbeckia
2. Baking - Videos
3. Icing proportions - Text
4. Ingredients and Recieps - Text
5. Decorating Tips list

I have no art education. The first "D" at school was in drawing. All you need is desire, patience, and faith in yourself. The video class is a step-by-step video, sometimes you don't even need a translation to understand what is happening. Step by step, we will make icing miracles with you together. This is much easier than it seems at first glance.

You are always welcome to ask any questions about tutorials. 24|7 online!

Videos length: 120 minutes.

Difficulty: Easy

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