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School-Themed Cupcakes set (6 pcs)

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Brand: Sunday Cookers

Delicious old English recipe gingerbread cookies hand-decorated with royal icing just to taste.

School-Themed Cupcakes Alert! Indulge in our sensational series of cupcakes, exclusively dedicated to the school theme! With the end of the school year and the upcoming appreciation week, there's no better time to celebrate this beloved topic. These sweet treats are guaranteed to be a hit, whether you're showing gratitude to your amazing teachers or sharing them with your incredible colleagues.

Explore some of our delectable cupcake flavors:

• Almond, Apple & Cardamom cupcakes: A unique and unforgettable taste sensation 🫶.

• Pistachio cupcakes with raspberry/strawberry and white chocolate filling.

• Chocolate cupcakes with Amaretto cream and almond flavor.

• Classic Carrot cupcakes with fluffy cream cheese and salted caramel filling.

And the best part? All the delightful decorations adorning our cupcakes are crafted from scrumptious royal icing cookies.

Prices start from just $65 for a set of 6 mouthwatering pieces. Or grab a dozen for only $99.

Sunday Cookers Cookie Studio
3830 Parkdale Dr., San Antonio, TX

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Flour, Sugar, Butter, Honey
Orange zest, Cinnamon powder,
Ginger powder, Royal Icing, and Love

“This food is made in a home kitchen
under the Cottage Law and is not inspected by the
Department of State Health Services or a local
health department.”

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